Acting On Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Town of Brighton

IDEA Plan adopted Town of Brighton.pdf

It is important to note, the Town of Brighton regularly engages in work that fits into the concept of DEI. This plan will bring new ideas from the community to the forefront and provide a context for organizing existing DEI efforts. Like all town plans, this plan ensures there is strategic focus on a topic that impacts every resident of the community.

Following are major highlights from the process used to develop the IDEA Board DEI Plan for the Town of Brighton.

August – December 2019

  • Created shared understanding of their charge as an advisory board to the town

  • Met with William Moehle, Town Supervisor to discuss desired outcomes and a focus for the plan

  • Prepared to engage community members in discussion about DEI and the community using a process called the World Café

  • Appointed World Café task group to manage details and logistics for the World Café Process

January – May 2020

  • Organized into 6 tasks groups focused on following topic areas. These areas were identified by advisory board members and from the World Café community process. Each group was charged with identifying goals and strategies to be considered for inclusion in the plan

    • Dialogue, Education and Celebration

    • Engagement, Partnership; Inclusion and Representation

    • Policies and Practices

    • Economics

    • Public Safety

    • Infrastructure and Housing

  • IDEA Board was impacted by COVID closures and continued plan development virtually

  • Continued preparation for World Café community engagement process

May – December 2020

  • Hosted World Café events in September and October to obtain community input

  • IDEA Board members hosted small conversations to obtain additional community input

  • World Café feedback and community conversation inputs were synthesized for use by IDEA Board plan topic work groups

  • IDEA Board began process of identifying goals and strategies for inclusion in the plan

January – NOVEMBER 2021

  • Continued working in topic task groups to develop preliminary goals and strategies

  • Met with City of Beaverton DEI Advisory Board Chair and DEI professional to discuss the development and implementation of their plan

  • Identified prioritized goals to be included in draft plan and shares them with Town of Brighton Department Heads

  • Prepared final draft of all recommendations to be shared with Town Board in December of 2021

Since 2019, the IDEA Board has been working in partnership with the Town of Brighton Supervisor and his team to create a plan with goals and strategies focused on inclusion, diversity and equity. Representing a broad range of Brighton residents, this Board used creative approaches to encourage dialogue about and participation in the identification of priorities for how the Town of Brighton could enhance its commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity.

The IDEA Board and Town officials are now in the final stages of preparing the draft for adoption. Town residents will have another opportunity to review and comment on the plan before it is adopted. To this end the IDEA Board is committed to developing an array of opportunities to engage Town of Brighton residents as part of developing the plan. We believe residents are at the heart of this work. We want to ensure voices are heard and ideas are incorporated into the plan’s goals and strategies. Once adopted by the Town Board, the plan will be used by the Town Supervisor and staff to guide decision making about integrating commitment to DEI into all aspects of the town’s work.

The IDEA Board presented the final draft of the plan to the Town Board on February 23, 2022. Planning is currently underway for an open and inclusive public comment process. Watch for details on upcoming events on the Community Engagement page of this site. You are also welcome to offer comments through the Contact page on this site.