The IDEA Board used an array of resources to inform the creation of the IDEA Plan. In the future this page will be populated with easy to access information community members can use to educate themselves about the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. While we develop a well-rounded resource page we encourage you to consider using the following types of resources to learn about this topic and the diverse families/people living in our community:

  • Participate in events hosted by Brighton community groups working on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Read books in areas of interest that help you learn about other racial, ethnic, religious and cultural groups

  • Check the streaming stations and movie theaters for films that speak to diversity, equity an inclusion issues of interest to you

  • Watch TED Talks

  • Meet with other parents to talk about raising children in an increasingly diverse community

  • Connect with members of the IDEA Board

We believe the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion is important to the Town of Brighton's ability to consistently focus on being a community that celebrates all its citizens, ensures all are welcomed and ensures equitable access to the town's resources. The more we learn about these topics, the better we will be in working together to receive the benefits of celebrating all our community has to offer.